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Listed by: J. Neilson
"Coyote Scraper" Belt Knife- This knife has a spear-point blade of "random-cut" 5 1/8" long damascus with forge-marked and etched flats. The guard is etched wrought iron. The handle is a Coyote jaw-bone with a throat spacer or stabilized/worked California Buckeye Burl wood and black spacers. The handle is finished off with hammered stainless steel pins and a damascus tooth to take the space of a missing one in the jaw. The overall length of this knife is 10 3/16" and it comes with a raw-hide period sheath with Horse-hair, trade beads and Bear & Coyote claws done by John Cohea. Price, with leather sheath: $1,200.00, plus shipping. J. Neilson ABS Master Smith

Price: $1,200.00
Seller Details: J. Neilson
Verified FFL Dealer
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