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Selling Guns (& other stuff) on ShootersXchange.com
If you've sold guns or anything else over the Internet before, you know it takes a little work, sometimes a lot of time, and can be a bit frustrating to say the least.  All that being said, it is a very effective selling venue if you manage it right.

In today's world, more sales are conducted over the Internet, including firearms, than ever before and this growth is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.  In other words, to stay in the race and be successful you've got to do it.  (and if you've never done this before, read on down... we have a special section for newbies)
So Why Use ShootersXchange.com?  We'll cut to the chase...
  1. Results!  You Will Sell Your Guns on ShootersXchange.com.  Our Google search results are awesome, as is our return traffic.  Feel free to ask some of our "old timers" how they are doing with us and join them now!
  2. EZList - We've eliminated 80% of the effort and time it takes to list your most common guns. While others are making it harder for you to manage your online inventory, we're listening to you and simplifying your life. We've refined our listing process over the years, listening to our seller's advice and taking it (for an example, see EZList Listing Templates below).  We've created the easiest listing process on the Internet that still allows the Shooters Search Engine to do it's thing. (also the best on the web... if they can't find your gun, they can't buy it)  Part of that simplified process is EZList which can cut your listing time by over half.  See How To List for more detail.
  3. ShootersVerified Changes Everything - A ShootersVerified Certification is a very effective process to make it extremely difficult for someone to hide behind a false identity and do business on ShootersXchange.com.  A ShootersVerified Certification means we've verified critical information about a person that greatly reduces the likelihood of them being able to hide behind a false identity to pull a internet scam on you or us.

    *** You must have started the ShootersVerified Certification process in order to list firearms on ShootersXchange.com.  Anything else can be listed without being ShootersVerified, but you may still want to do so.
  4. A ShootersVerified Cerification positively verifies up to 5 different data points on an individual, giving you a comfort factor you've never had from a "gun sales" website before.

    1.  Mailing Address - No P.O. Boxes, only physical mailing addresses.
    2.  Phone Number - No cell phones.  Land-based lines or VOIP only.
    3.  Computer IP Address
    4.  Visa or MasterCard Account - the name on the Visa or MasterCard must match the name being certified.
    5.  If the seller is a Federal Firearms License holder, we verify the validity of their FFL through the BATF.

    For a very limited time, the processing fee for a ShootersVerified Certification is only $9.95.   Your ShootersVerified Certification is valid for 12 months. 

    You cannot list firearms on ShootersXchange.com without a ShootersVerified Certification.

    After Registering, start your ShootersVerified Certification Here.

Another thing we want you to understand about is our philosophy of helping you sell more, while making your life easier.  After all, technology is supposed to make our lives better, right?  Behind the scenes we are combining technology, a little common sense and good old-fashioned elbow grease to provide you the best place to sell your merchandise online, while also helping you simplify the process of doing so.

The links at the top left of this page will get you to pretty much anything you need to know about using ShootersXchange.com.  If we have confused you or you need some more information, drop us a line and we'll respond as quickly as we can.

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For Newbies
If you've never sold over the internet before, there is a huge potential market that is passing you by.
Thousands of firearms and accessories are being sold daily over the Internet and all you need is a computer, an internet connection and, we would suggest a digital camera, (nothing fancy, just take some clear photos at least 400 by 300 pixels in size).  And, of course, a great Internet venue (read website) to sell your stuff on.  ShootersXchange.com will get your merchandise in front of your target market and get them in contact with you.  No longer is your "customer pool" limited to within a few miles of your store.  With ShootersXchange.com, your inventory is literally available to anyone with and Internet connection.  As long as someone can legally buy a firearm, they can buy yours through ShootersXchange.com.

Is it different than selling face to face?  Yes, of course.  But ShootersXchange.com gives you the tools that help you effectively manage the immense market of the Internet.  One section on this page we think is of particular importance is Determining Firearm Condition.  You may already be perfect at this, but it is worth reading anyway.

ShootersXchange.com will help customers looking for your listing, find your listing.  We feature a unique categorization structure that enables Buyers to drill down to the gun or set of guns they are really looking for.  If they are looking for your particular listing, they can find it!!!  The other sites are more like posting to a bulletin board or, sometimes more like just throwing your listing into a big pot.  Ever post a listing on another site and then not be able to find it???  That's what I'm talking about.

The My Account page gives you a convenient and very effective means of managing your account and listings from start to finish. You can add your phone number to your listing if you desire, or have your customers contact you via email.

The links at the top left of this page will get you to pretty much anything you need to know about using ShootersXchange.com.  If we have confused you or you need some more information, drop us a line and we'll respond as quickly as we can.

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You must register to be able list merchandise on ShootersXchange.com.  Please review our Terms and Conditions prior to registering.  Registration costs you nothing and we take every safeguard to maintain the safety and privacy of your information.  Please see our Privacy & Security Policy for details.  Register Now

Fees - What it costs to use
To start with, besides the $19.95 ShootersVerification Certification processing fee, it costs you nothing to place a listing on ShootersXchange.com.  We only charge you something when you sell an item.  We follow the Honor System on billing (we rely on you to tell us) and the fee schedule is very basic:  $10 per gun sold.  That's it.

Firearms Listings run for six months before they expire.  You will have 30 days to reinstate them after expiration before they are deleted from our database.  Firearms Listings includes thumbnail-sized photo on all search results pages your listing appears on, and one 400 by 300 pixel-sized image on the detail page.  Your listing can be updated at any time.

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Posting & Updating Listings
ShootersXchange.com is structured differently than other "Guns For Sale" and Gun Auction sites.  The name of the game on the web is to make it as easy possible for your customers to quickly and reliably find what it is they are looking for.   With our unique "Category" structure, ShootersXchange.com does just that.

For a real time-saver during the listing process, we have introduced EZListEZList allows you to choose Listing Templates, eliminating several steps of the listing process.   If you you consistently deal in a particular group of items, like Remington Bolt-Action Rifles or Browning Semi-Automatic Shotguns, choose those to be a starting point on your personal EZList page.  With one click, all that detail is automatically entered and all you have to do is enter the price and description.  One more click and you're ready for the next one.  Need a template we don't have?  We have a special template request page that makes it easy for you to request a new one.  We'll get it coded and online for you ASAP.  Just look for the link to the template request form on your EZList page.

There are 4 Categories our firearms listings fall under:
Sporting - Typical hunting or shooting sports firearms, excluding military/assault types.
Antique - Firearms manufactured prior to 1899, (also includes curios and relics).
Military / Tactical - Typically military or law enforcement-style firearms.  Semi-auto versions of military-type weapons.
Class 3 - Includes fully automatic firearms and everything else the BATF classifies as Class 3, legally bought and sold weapons.  Requires special licensing and permits.

Sporting is the default, you can choose one of the others when you place your listing.  We also provide Type,(Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol, Revolver), Special Purpose, Manufacturer, Action-Type, Model and Description, giving Buyers a myriad of ways to slice and dice what is out there and find what they are looking for.  We make it much easier to sort through an inventory list and find your item than any other Web store out there.

The rest of the listing options are self-explanitory.  Accurately describing your gun ensures good search engine results.

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To post a listing:

  1. Go to My Account, choose "Post New Listing".
  2. Choose one of your templates or choose "Start From Scratch".
  3. If you chose a template, complete the remaining appropriate fields.   If you you "Started from Scratch", click through the choices (category, type, manufacturer) and enter your model and description information. You can cut and paste information into the model and description fields making that extremely easy if you have that information typed in somewhere already. (Excel, Word or even another website)
  4. At the bottom of the page, you will choose the photo(s) you want to use with this listing.  When it comes time to upload your photos, make sure you know the folder where you saved the photos on your computer, click the "Browse" button next to "Attach Photo 1:" and navigate to your first photo.  Click the photo name to highlight it, click the "Open" button and you are ready to go to the next photo if you are uploading more than one.
  5. When you are finished, click the "Submit" button.  Depending on the size of your photo files and your internet connection speed, it could take a few seconds to a few minutes to upload the photos.
  6. When your photo(s) finish uploading, you will be shown the detail listing of the firearm you just entered.  You then have the choice to approve the listing, or make changes (see the bottom of the listing page).  When you are happy with it, click "Approve" and it instantly goes live on ShootersXchange.com.
  7. If the photo upload takes too long because your files are too big or your connection is too slow, you can always upload multiple photos one at a time or do it later.

To Update a Listing or Add Photos
Go to My Account, and do so through "View/Update/Delete Listings", choose "Update" for the appropriate listing, and update the listing and/or upload your photos.

Contact from the Customer
The customer will contact you either through an email from our site, or will call you if you provide a telephone number with your listings.  From that point forward, communication is between you and your customer.

When a Firearm Sells
When a gun is sold, go to My Account, choose the appropriate listing, and click "delete".  You will then be asked whether the gun was sold on ShootersXchange.com or through other means.  This is where we have to rely on your honesty, and we do.  Choose the appropriate answer, click submit.  Thanks for using us!!!
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Determining Firearm Condition
This is probably the most important aspect of listing a firearm and accounts for at least 95%+ of returns by unhappy customers.  It is unfortunately not understood by many and ignored by many more.  What we all end up with are very unhappy customers who have a very tainted experience buying a firearm through a listing of any type vs. buying in person.  You need to understand how to grade a gun and most importantly, how to accurately convey what that means to the buyer prior to any money and firearms changing hands.  I'm not saying don't do a good job selling them what you have.  I am saying the closer the image you've painted in their mind is to the image they have as they hold it in their hands, the better off you'll be and the more likely they'll be to give you good feedback and be a repeat customer, (and not send the gun back to you).

The best way, we feel, to describe the condition of a firearm is the percentage grading system, with a little modification.  It has been described in detail, with some very good examples by the Blue Book, Inc. folks on their website.  As long as it is available as a link, we won't duplicate it here, (we'll give you the link below, but finish reading this first).

We recommend you take it one step further.  Instead of applying a single percentage grade to the entire gun, we would break it down into parts.  Let's take for example, a Parker shotgun.  You could have barrels with 95% original bluing and mirror bores, a stock with 75% original finish, good wood with a few very small dings on the forearm but a chipped butt plate, a very tight action with crisp engraving and clean screw heads but only 20% of the original case coloring left.  That tells me much more than just calling it a 80% gun, if it even qualifies for that overall.  Remember, what we are trying to do is give your customer the same mental image of the firearm they would have if they were holding it in their hands.  That's a pretty tall order, but using this method of firearm grading combined with crisp, clear, close-focus digital photos it can be done.

For the link to Blue Book, Inc's explanation of the percentage grading system, click here.

Check the FFL #
Always check the validity of the FFL you are shipping to.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) provides a great link into their computer for this.  It only takes a few seconds to check.  Remember, YOU are responsible obeying the law and this means using a valid FFL holder to ship or receive your firearms when required by law.  Go to FFL EZ Check

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